Born and raised in Milan, my life path has been quite various. I studied Foreign Languages during high school, then Industrial Design at University. i currently work in the fashion industry for an important luxury goods distributor based in Hong Kong.

I met my husband Lele when I was 18 and in 2012 we created Ma’ Hidden Kitchen Supper Club  inside our Milanese loft. We host social dinners, acoustic concerts, cooking classes, theatre plays  and the annual yard  sale during which we sell all the items  we collect during our travels.


Born and raised in Milan, my dream was to become a great economist but growing up I quickly understood that numbers were not my cup of tea, so I decided to follow my true passion for graphic design.

After years of experience working for one of Milan’s first web agencies, I began freelancing as a digital art director and teaching as a professor at my Alma Mater. My interests are mainly food, collecting vintage stuff, travel and photography.