This is not a restaurant. Don’t expect to have the same standard of service. If you need water and everybody is busy, feel free to get your own. If you drop your napkin, I suggest you pick it up yourself. There are no servants here. Keep your cutlery between courses. The less water consuming, the better for the planet.



Unless specified drinks are included in the menu. But if you want, you can bring your own booze. This is great for you as a guest: take the opportunity to pay what you’d normally spend in a conventional restaurant on the cheapest bottle of wine on the list on a very good bottle of wine with no mark up. Soft drinks: We don’t serve them: f you have a soft drink you particularly like, do bring it along. Be generous, if you bring your own, do share with your table



Turn up on time. There isn’t an army of sous chefs to whip you up a hot dinner if you arrive late. You wouldn’t turn up to a friend’s dinner very late would you? Conversely: do not arrive early. It will put us in a problematic position.



Do not cancel and if you must, do it at least 48 hours beforehand. We already have bought the ingredients for your dinner. Unlike a conventional restaurant we cannot sell the food the next day. Do turn up. It’s rude if you don’t.



Be prepared to sit with strangers. This is one of the best things about a supper club, you get to meet other people.



Do not change your mind last minute and decide that you are a vegan, allergic to something quite basic like olive oil, or reveal that you are super allergic to nuts. Again dinners are planned, catered and prepared in advance. That’s why you can read the menu before booking.



Do read our website/information given with the booking. Do not incessantly email us with lots of questions before the meal. We don’t have a reservation clerk so this is time consuming and we could hate you even before we’ve met you.



The supper club is fantastic for networking, getting jobs, contacts and even romance but sadly there is always the risk that you end up sat next to a bore, which will ruin your supper club experience. It’s rare that bores attend supper clubs however, people are self selecting, only the adventurous and curious tend to go.



it’s ok to start eating before others get their food. Our supper club is run like a family dinner and you never know how long it will be before everyone is served! Eat up while it’s hot!  If you particularly liked a dish, feel free to ask the server or host if there are seconds. You can do this, it’s not a restaurant. You won’t be charged.



Very harsh territory here. If you have a serious complaint, mention it at the moment or drop an email the next day. If you fancy yourself as a blogger, an influencer or a reviewer, don’t be smarmy on the night and then slag the supper club off in print the next day, You are just being rude to a private individual who is doing their best.